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Outsource Software

Tech Beast is a company founded in a bedroom since 2016 winter. It is comprised of geeks who worked before in various HK startups including 9GAG, Green Tomato etc. We equipped ourselves with full-stack knowledge in order to tailor make solutions for different customer needs. Should you have any ideas in your mind, no matter how crazy or how stupid it sounds, give us a call. We would love to hear that.


All Platforms

Girltalk is a famous local media where teenage girls visit every day. With the rapid growing scale, the stack we developed is proven to be extremely solid since day 1. After the deployment, we put almost no efforts in scaling up the system. There is no magic behind. It is only our hard work and solid experience in scaling media websites.

Fringe Club

Fringe Club is a not-for-profit arts organisation which provides an open platform for arts. Backed by Hong Kong Jockey Club, it has served local artists for more than 30 years. The website was first developed in 2012. With a significant growth in mobile usage, we the beasts helped them build the delightful mobile website to cater the growing need.