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Kiwi helps the website's business grow, providing a one-stop online advertising service, improved keyword search ads and native ads, and tailoring the appropriate display of advertisements. Our professional team is committed to providing free professional consultancy services to customers who improve the quality of their web pages, improving the better marketing results and enhance the user experience, so that your website's business can obtain the maximum advertising revenue.

Yahoo partners

We are an authorized partner of Yahoo Advertising Services in Hong Kong, providing professional advice on the website and tailor-made advertising display methods.

Years of experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in website operation, understand your needs very well.

Serving resources

We can provide server resources and website services for partners in need.

Strong support

We have a large support team that will provide you with professional support when you need it. We are an strategic partner you can trust.

Display Ads

Our ads will deliver with image, text or video format in CPM model. It’s most common ads in websites, provide various size and style. With permium content

Native Ads

Ads deliver in Image and text format by CPC model, the ads style will highly customize to match publisher’s website style.

Keyword Search Ads

Ads deliver in text-based format by CPC with matching content, usually the ads content will according to website content, fill-in the most suitable ads. Advertiser is willing to spend more to this kind of product because their advertise is delivered to the target audience, that’s mean publishers can get more revenue from advertiser.

Video Ads

Deliver Pre-roll/Mid-roll video Ads content

Our Partners