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Our Company

Kiwi Media Limited is a Hong Kong-based marketing company principally engaged in the media and programmatic businesses. The company is run by a young, stable and highly qualified workforce. A team of experts created the technological power for our company.

With presence in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, our team has a unique international perspective and has forged successful partnerships with publishers from across the globe. We are your source for advertising and website monetization.

Jobs Opening

Programming team (1)Editorial team (1)Business Development (1)

Programming team

Web Programmer / Front End Developer (Senior/ Junior)

Responsible for Developing Web System/ Mobile Web/ Mobile App Development


Editorial team

Social Media Editor - 社交媒體編輯

開朗幽默、具創作力及對社交媒體有觸覺 熟悉社交媒體文化及Facebook、IG等媒體工具運作流程 良好中文寫作技巧


Business Development

Online Advertising Sales Executive

Prospecting, identifying and acquiring new clients for selling online advertising solutions


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